Friday 11 January 2013

Newham Council Officers Arrested Over Fake "Law Enforcement Officer" Scam

Two Newham council workers have been arrested by police investigating the scam of spot fines being issued in the borough by bogus ‘law enforcement’ officers. This week’s Private Eye takes up the story:
Yet more embarrassment for Newham mayor Sir Robin Wales over his corps of Mickey Mouse “law enforcement” officers, who strut the streets in uniforms indistinguishable from those of real policemen.

In November, Eye 1328 revealed that a number of “law enforcement” uniforms had been stolen by criminals who took to the streets issuing “spot fines” to shopkeepers for bogus offences concerning food safety and waste disposal. The traders were easy marks for the conmen because the council had already flooded the streets with “law enforcement” officers issuing fixed penalties for trivial offences. Now the eye has learned that two council employees have been dismissed after being arrested and bailed by police investigating the scam.

This is not the first time Newham has been embarrassed by the behaviour of s staff member masquerading as a copper. In August 2011, roadsweeper Jason Marshall received an eight-month suspended sentence after admitting pretending to be a member of the British transport police carrying out “drug detection” inquiries on the Tube. Despite carrying a fake ID card – and claiming to be “on secondment from MI5” – Marshall aroused the suspicion of staff because his “sniffer dog” was, er, his pet Yorkshire terrier.
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Anonymous said...

Well done Wales, bearly into the new year and you've blundered again!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, procedures are in place etc. etc.

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