Friday 27 January 2012

Anti-Olympics Poster Competition - The Results

Having announced an entirely unofficial and not entirely serious Olympics poster competition back in December, the deadline for publishing submissions has arrived (changed for tomorrow's Countering the Olympics Conference in Whitechapel, which I'm speaking at). I'm pleased to share some of the excellent designs, most provided anonymously, that I've been sent.

As 'lawgraduate' points out in a comment to my original posting, the London Olympic Games (Trading and Advertising) (England) Regulations 2011 do not apply to "advertising activity intended to demonstrate support for or opposition to the views or actions of any person or body of persons" or to "publicise a belief, cause or campaign". These were only published on 1 December 2011, which is why I missed them, but they relate primarily to an attempt to control 'ambush marketing' by companies inside the 'event zone'.

However, several of these designs definitely are "a representation of something so similar to the Olympic symbol" under the Olympic Symbol etc. (Protection) Act 1995 that they could be illegal if someone were to "incorporates it in a flag or banner". It's something of a legal minefield and I'm not a lawyer, but whatever way you look at it, I doubt whether you'll get past G4S security into the Olympic stadium with a t-shirt bearing any of them. Anyway, enjoy:

A comment on the potential overall cost:

From the frankly obscene:

To this more cerebral comment on Olympic brand enclosures:
Thanks to everyone who sent in an entry (if 'teacherdude' wants to send me his original,I'll stick that up here too). I'll have these turned into PDFs shortly.


(Most of) the posters are now ready as PDFs. The set are available here or individually:

Olympigs - A4 | A3
CCTV - A4 | A3
"We Don't Want Your Olympics Here" - A4 | A3
"Go Ahead, Arrest Me!" - A4 | A3
Siege City - A4 | A3
Potential overall cost - A4 | A3
Brand Enclosures - A4 | A3


tangledweb said...

Occupy London!

swcarver said...

Good designs. Who made them? The CCTV one is particularly good.

Luther said...


Thanks for the appreciation. I made the CCTV and riot police images. I will upload larger versions once I can access the internet on my home computer again.

Anonymous said...

As promised:

HarpyMarx said...

Brilliant, powerful and political images. F*ck the Olympics...!!

Anonymous said...

The real mascots! ;-)

Lasy Euro said...

Great stuff - I've nicked one of your pics from your site and linked back to yours. Hope hat's ok - if not I'll take it down.

Portland said...

I would love to be able to get one of these on car sticker form... (the one with the Olympics shagging London) How would i go about that

Unknown said...

These are not really posters, but funny pics about the logo :

Anonymous said...

@Portland - copy image & print one on a sticker yourself I guess....I don't want to speak for anyone but I would imagine these images are released under the 'creative commons' license or no license rather than copyright, (I'd hope so anyway!).

Hein Rietveld said...

The Olympic flame, is brought all the way from Greece, a country that has financially collapsed. Now, this fire is being worshiped as something that unites all beings. In what? Poverty?

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