Monday 19 December 2011

Launching The Anti-Olympics Poster Competition

Even this close to next year's Games, the impact of the wide-reaching London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006 is little known. However, as I noted in February, it includes strict regulations that apply to "advertising of any kind" in the vicinity of London Olympic events, even leaflets, posters, announcements or notices of "a non-commercial nature". This means that you decide to stick an anti-Olympic poster in your window, section 22 of the Act provides "a constable or enforcement officer" with the powers to:

(a) enter land or premises on which they reasonably believe a contravention of regulations under section 19 is occurring (whether by reason of advertising on that land or premises or by the use of that land or premises to cause an advertisement to appear elsewhere);

(b) remove, destroy, conceal or erase any infringing article;

(c) when entering land under paragraph (a), be accompanied by one or more persons for the purpose of taking action under paragraph (b);

(d) use, or authorise the use of, reasonable force for the purpose of taking action under this subsection.

Pretty damn draconian, don't you think? But also a definite 'red rag to a bull' for stubborn east Londoners, despite the threat that conviction can lead to to "a fine not exceeding £20,000".

Anyway, thanks to great idea by Luther, today I'm launching a decidedly unofficial "Anti-Olympics Poster Competition". Design the ideal poster for us locals to put up in our windows so we can see whether we get a visit from a "a constable or enforcement officer".

Send one entry per person please (in PDF, JPEG or TIFF format) to copwatcher [at] by 31 January 2012.

I'll display the best entries (along with downloadable PDFs) on this blog.


Emma said...

Even the word 'Olympic'... how is that possible? Have a look at this, showing businesses who could well come under the Olympic hammer!!

Olympics Guardian article

Buy the book here

k said...

hi i completely disagree with the olympics, but...the image above is almost says "lookout there are people which will destroy the olympics,in hoods and run away." if its satire it barely works i think its too confusing we need somthing simpler.

lawgraduate said...

This is an interesting article, but ultimately a red herring.

Section 18 gives the Government the right to make regulations about advertising. These regulations are called the London Olympic Games (Trading and Advertising) (England) Regulations 2011. If you look at regulation 7 of these regs, you'll see that:

“7.â(1) Regulation 6 does not apply to advertising activity intended toâ
(a) demonstrate support for or opposition to the views or actions of any person or body of persons,
(b)publicise a belief, cause or campaign, or
(c)mark or commemorate an event."

Displaying an anti-Olympics poster would clearly fall within this exception and thus is NOT prohibited.

In fact, even if these regulations did pretend to ban an anti-Olympics poster, the Human Rights Act would probably render these regulations unenforceable.

Ergo - this article, however well meaning in its intent, is what is officially termed "a load of bollocks".

teacher dude said...

Here's my entry.

Anonymous said...

Is there a prize for this competition and if so what is it please? :D

CB said...

Just to say, the act was amended a fortnight ago. Not sure if it makes a huge difference but there are quite a few changes to the criminal justice sections.

Anonymous said...

I hereby formally submit TWO entries. If that's cheating, I'm not sure I care. Both these images are available in much larger format should anyone so desire.

Two variations on a theme:

Kevin said...

Anonymous (20.1.12): love the designs, thanks for submitting them.

Teacherdude: thanks for the design, will add this to the submissions

Anonymous (02.1.12): sadly there's no prize!

Shtiggy said...

I hope you are still open to submissions. Here is my contribution to the poster competition. High-rez is available if needed. This is a small low-rez jpg:


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