Friday 28 January 2011

This Blog Is Rated '18'

"Under certain circumstances, ", said Mark Twain, "profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer".

Now I'm not much for liturgy, but I do try and keep the blasphemy, sacrilege and general cussing on this site to a minimum. That's why I'm highly amused to discover that one part of this blog - not the whole site, but just the Politics section - has been blocked to local schools and others in Newham council for alleged 'profanity':
I can only assume that it's my distaste for the saintly Stephen Fry that's the cause of this web-based fit of the vapours. Unless, of course, constantly referring to Newham's glorious Mayor as 'The Great Helmsman' is just too vulgar and irreverent...

Thank you to the reader who passed this information on to me, along with the image above.


Anonymous said...

There was a young blogger called Blowe
Who wrote "jobs" were an issue, you know,
So the nutters in Newham
Promptly withdrew him
Linking the words as porno!


Kevin said...

I'll ring Benjamin Zephaniah and tell him not to worry about the competition!

Many thanks though :)

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