Friday 28 January 2011

Regime Change - Minus The Aerial Bombardment

It's been amazing to see secular, democratic Egyptians rise up against President Hosni Mubarak - scenting the possibility of regime change, without targeted strikes by US missiles, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians or the imposition of a Western imperial viceroy and his occupying army.

It could still end in defeat, we've no way of knowing. But it's incredibly inspiring - it shows that self-confident state power, governing with no democratic mandate, can be pushed to the point of collapse by ordinary citizens taking to the streets and confronting lines of baton-wielding police.


Check out these amazing pictures of the protests in Egypt (be warned that some a pretty graphic).

And it's because this image from Cairo has received such worldwide attention that I love the design for this poster, which has been circulating online:

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Anonymous said...

London,Cairo, Rome,Tunis ????

Spot the odd one out.

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