Saturday 10 July 2010

Today's Forest Gate Festival

I had a lovely afternoon at the Forest Gate Festival today - unlike last year the weather was great, but some things remained as consistent as ever - the lack of commercialism and the genuine sense of community. The response from local people about this Wednesday's public meeting on plans by the police to build an Olympic operation base on Wanstead Flats during 2012 was also very encouraging.

We also had the annual appearance of the Great Helmsman on Osbourne Road, looking 'very fetching' in his ostentatious mayoral chain and middle-manager's short sleeve shirt and posing with his minions for any and every photo opportunity. More pictures of the Festival on Flickr.

Above: Sir Robin models the free Festival bags. Nice.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see Akbar took time away from his Chigwell property to attend.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly appropriate for you,-- someone who IS a Community Worker, -- to drop in on this great proletarian annual event.....

BTW your narrative warns of "ad hominem" comments, fair do's, --but what then of your somewhat sour but definitely personal comments about the Mayor's shirt style and the Mayoral Chain ?

A bit banal do you not think ?

Anonymous said...

P.S. to my last post, the name of the Road is Osborne,not "Osbourne".

Sorry you did not pick up on my comment upon the "proletarian" (ho, ho)nature of the Woodgrange, --sorry, -- "Forest Gate " festival

Kevin said...

"A bit banal do you not think?"

Fair comment - will try harder in future to be nice.

"This great proletarian annual event"

Your description, not mine. It's an enjoyable community event, not the Tolpuddle Martyrs rally. I'm afraid you've lost me on that argument - assuming you actually have one to make and aren't just sneering. Hard to tell really.

The Road is Osborne,not "Osbourne"

Kevin will never amount to much unless he works harder on his spelling. D+: must try harder.

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