Thursday 14 January 2010

Newham Bookshop Presents: Saci Lloyd - The Carbon Diaries 2017

Newham Bookshop presents Saci Lloyd’s sequel to the acclaimed book for teenagers, Carbon Diaries 2015 on:

Wednesday 10 February
at Stratford Circus
Theatre Square,
London E15 1BX

at 5.30 pm. Tickets at £3 from Stratford Circus Box Office on 0844 357 2625 or from

Laura Brown is now in her first year of university in London, a city still struggling to pull itself together after the great flood and the arrival of a new rationing era. Laura’s right in the heart of it; her band, the Dirty Angels, are gigging all over town until a police crackdown on rioting students forces them out of the city. After a brief exile on her parents' farm, they set off in a battered VW bus on a tour of Europe that soon unravels in an increasingly dramatic sequence of events, including drought in Europe and Africa, a tidal-wave of desperate immigrants, a water war in the Middle East and a city-wide face off with the army in London.

How long can Laura distance herself from the struggle? And more importantly, how can she keep her style and hope alive in a world on the edge of madness?

Praise for Carbon Diaries 2015:

'Everyone who cares about the future of the planet should read this book!'
Costa judging panel

'An uproarious, scathing and pathos-filled romp - Adrian Mole does the apocalypse.'
Financial Times

UPDATE: Sunday 17 January

Apparently Johnny Depp lost his bid to film The Carbon Diaries books because Lloyd picked the BBC instead - see this Observer article - Forget Harry Potter: Saci Lloyd thrills teenagers with a heroine who battles climate change and extremism

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