Wednesday 18 November 2009

Any 'Domestic Extremists' Attending The Wave?

I was thinking of getting t-shirts made bearing the slogan 'Domestic Terrorist' and selling them in support of Fitwatch - another bright idea that came to nothing. However, it looks as if Red Molotov has beaten me to it.

So I was thinking: wouldn't it be great if we injected a little radical politics into the climate change protest - The Wave - on Saturday 5th December by turning up with blue 'Domestic Extremist' shirts (the protest organisers want everyone to wear blue, you see)?

Fifteen quid a shirt might seem a bit steep - but if enough of us order one, wouldn't the impact be great!

1 Comment:

HarpyMarx said...

Me wants one... me will order one in blue. Think ir is a great idea btw. Will re-post this on my blog.

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