Wednesday 2 September 2009

The Making of a Climate Celebrity

Climate activist and media favourite Tamsin Omond has written a book about herself and is touring the country on horseback in order to promote it.

"This Is Not About Me", the t-shirt says. But it turns out that obviously it is... and reluctantly, I've agreed to write a objective review of the book for Red Pepper.


Estelle said...

I remember John Jordan speaking many years ago about the need to connect political activism with social spaces and times to make it more accessible and mobilise people.... So, will we be thanking Tamsin for successfully bridging that bothersome gap between eco-activism and Sex and the City feminism? Who is this book for? For young women who 'dream' of becoming a naughty law breaking activist (and not going to prison) and making magazine covers? For all those millions of people who need 'one person's story' to persuade them activists are not alien and fighting for climate change is worthwhile and have just been sitting at home waiting? Zzzz books like this don't radicalise or mobilise people, because ultimately they're about ego and the politics are just backdrop. It's all a bit nauseating. As if this woman wasn't discredited enough for trying to be the sexy face of climate change she's now added the chopping down of trees to publish her friggin diary to the list. I await your objective review with interest and am happy to be proved wrong etc etc.

Kevin said...

Well, I will try and be objective. I hope to be proved wrong too.

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