Tuesday 11 October 2005

NMP Launches 'Back in Da Dayz' Young Writers Awards

The NMP Anti-Racist Trust is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Newham Monitoring Project with the launch of the Back in Da Dayz Young Writers Award, an oral history project aimed at encouraging young people to collect and record the experiences of immigrant communities in overcoming racism in Newham.

The project, funded by the Department of Education's Local Network Fund, has developed guidance for young people in conducting interviews and is seeking written interviews, prose, short stories, newspaper articles or a scene from a play, based on conversations with someone who has settled in the borough as an immigrant or refugee.

If you work in a school or with a youth group in Newham and want to get involved, contact NMP at
director@nmp.org.uk for publicity materials and copies of the guidance brochure.

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