Thursday 20 October 2005

Councillor censured for refusing to discuss Queens Market

On Tuesday, Green Street Community Forum's steering group passed an unopposed motion of censure of Cllr June Leitch, who refused to answer questions relating to the proposed redevelopment of Queens Market at the Forum's public meeting on 20 September (see earlier report)

Cllr Harvinder Virdee, the Forum's chair, has been asked to write to Mayor Sir Robin Wales communicating the steering group's feelings, although on previous form, it is extremely unlikely that the Mayor will even respond. This is the most obvious weakness of the ten Community Forums in the borough - in theory they are central to the council's cnsultation with local people, but in practice they are ignored.

Green Street Community Forum has also agreed to organise a public meeting specifically on Queens Market. This has been provisionally scheduled for 15th November, but given the level of local interest, the Forum plans to try and hold the meeting at West Ham Football Club, so the date may change.

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