Sunday 1 September 2013

Photos From Yesterday's Stop The War Coalition Protest

Yesterday afternoon, I ambled into central London to take some pictures of the small Stop The War Coaition (StWC) demonstration billed as a 'victory march' after Thursday's House of Commons vote blocking British involvement in military intervention in Syria.

The vote may well have been, as StWC's Andrew Murray puts it, "a vindication of the mass anti-war movement in this country over the last decade", but the march was a pale imitation of the protests from a decade ago: a couple of thousand people at most, mainly the usual subjects from the far left and from CND. Within a smaller crowd, it was considerably easier to spot the people who refuse to accept that, whilst bombing Syria will make a bad situation worse, Syria President Bashir Al-Assad is still a war criminal.

Anyway, here are a few photos: there are more on Flickr.

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