Monday 18 February 2013

Photographing Chiang Mai's "Soi-Art"

Last night I returned from a fortnight's holiday in northern Thailand, where I visited one of my closest friends who has just had given birth to a gorgeous baby girl. The trip provided a welcome opportunity to think about how to respond to the threat of impending redundancy whilst spending time with my new not-god daughter and exploring and photographing Chiang Mai's Old City.

Holiday photos can be a bit predictable - I have plenty of pictures of temples but after noticing the amount of street graffiti as I wandered between cafés and food shacks in the blazing heat of the day, I managed to spend an enjoyable afternoon taking photos of some of the city's "soi-art":

I'm also really pleased with this photo - at the Buddhist temple on the Doi Suthep mountain overlooking Chiang Mai, I noticed some workers knocking down the shell of a building with little regard for concerns about health and safety:
Anyway, it's good to be back, although I still don't know what is happening about my future employment. I hope to know a little more later this week.

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