Tuesday 26 June 2012

We Are All Simon Moore

I was on the platform this evening speaking on behalf of Newham Monitoring Project and NetPol at a public meeting organised by the Save Leyton Marsh Campaign, at Harmony Hall in Walthamstow. This proved to be the ideal place to capture the picture above of an act of collective solidarity with Simon Moore, who had a two year 'Olympic ASBO' imposed upon him on 18th June (Simon was sitting next to me and seemed delighted but rather overwhelmed by the gesture).

Campaigners have published a statement in support of Simon, which they are encouraging people to add their names to: it says:
Like us, Simon believed that what was happening on Leyton Marsh was wrong and needed to be resisted peacefully.
Like us, Simon did not want to see a beautiful habitat and recreational space enclosed, contaminated and destroyed for a wasteful temporary facility for the Olympics.
Like us, Simon was prepared to show his opposition to this destructive land grab.
Like us, he was intimidated with the full force of the law and criminalised.
Like Simon, we do not wish to stop speaking the truth about legitimate issues around the Olympics such as environmental destruction and suspension of our human rights.
Like Simon, we will not stop peacefully protesting.
Like Simon, we will not stop speaking out about what is right.
Like Simon, we refuse to fear doing what is right and just in the face of repression.
We stand together against this injustice and speak as one. Simon is one of us and we are all Simon Moore!


una said...

thanks for speaking at the meeting Kevin, and thanks for the photo too. a report from the meeting can be found here

Europe's No 1 Anti Ryanair Campaigner John Foley.... said...

Simon standing up for what is right,congratulations.Thank you..

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