Thursday 3 May 2012

It's Election Abstention / Climate Activism Day in London

I won't be voting in the London Mayoral election today, but I wish the people of Doncaster the best of luck in (hopefully) getting rid of their directly-elected Mayor. If the same choice is ever on offer in Newham (and rumours of a campaign to petition for a new referendum are still floating around), then I won't just be casting a vote, I'll be working hard to get rid of the staggering power wielded locally by Sir Robin Wales.

With all due respect to the other candidates for London's Mayor, today is really a close race between Boris and Ken for control of the capital's £14 billion budget - and while I'll never vote for a Tory, it still amazes me that sections of the left are prepared to put their faith in a Tammany Hall politician like Livingstone (the reasons why I can't bring myself to vote for him haven't changed since 2008). I already know, however, that if Ken loses, Labour and his supporters on the left will blame abstentions like mine for 'letting Boris back', rather than the rather obvious failings of their candidate.
However, if you fancy something genuinely political instead today, why not join the hundreds of protesters from across the country who will target the UK Energy Summit in the City of London. The conference brings together the Big Six energy companies who have recently come under intense criticism for drawing in record profits whilst one quarter of UK households have been pushed into fuel poverty. The fun starts at 11am - see here for more details.

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