Sunday 22 January 2012

Stratford - A Scrap Metal Paradise

Remember the 'titanium trees' that I mentioned back in June 2010? They're designed to hide the old Stratford shopping centre from the delicate gaze of Olympic visitors and were originally rejected by Newham council’s own design review panel. But now they are nearing completion and unless the 'canopies' that come next can somehow transform them, they really are quite spectacularly ugly:

Another far from stunning steel construction, the 115-metre high ArcelorMittal Orbit observation tower in the Olympic Park, has also come a long way since I last dropped by at the end of July 2011. More photos from a brief visit today can be found here.

Left: July 2011 Right: January 2012


Anonymous said...

Why is money being spent on this rubbish. I support the games , but not this stuff !

Anonymous said...

Is the CCTV camera designed to deter the metal thieves that we hear a lot about these days ?

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