Sunday 6 November 2011

Back From India Part 2 - Haryana in Black & White

After a week back in the UK, the jet lag has finally disappeared and I'm starting to get used to the cold. One thing I've been looking forward to seeing the results from this week is an experiment in taking black & white photos using an old school film camera whilst I was in India.

Sadly, the results have been far from a success - the photo service that I used have made a complete mess of developing the black & white film. What I have learnt? That there are real advantages with digital photography - and that Bhogals Pharmacy on Green Street are complete cowboys who have no clue how to develop and print film without screwing up massively. Anyway, here are the pictures. Next time I'll go to Jessops.

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HarpyMarx said...

I like the photos especially black and white, makes the images more powerful. Jessops....they are excellent and good service :) Snappy Snaps aren't bad either.

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