Tuesday 13 September 2011

Newham's Conspicuous Consumption Day

Down in Docklands today, arms dealers gathered at the ExCel Centre to spend millions on arms, ammunition and equipment. Meanwhile, the new Stratford Westfield shopping mall also had its opening day and was mobbed by crowds reminiscent of the pre-Christmas rush on Oxford Street.

Due to work commitments I was able to make it down to Custom House, where I hear that protests were smaller than in previous years. As for Westfield - as well as the 'smarter' shops, the mall also has its fair share of the usual chains, including Primark, Footlocker and Greggs. There's little doubt it will kill the old Stratford Shopping Centre, but will the crowds really return to Westfield in the same numbers once the novelty has worn off?

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Anonymous said...

So the East End has finally got its little piece of legacy and the good people of Newham can now gain low paid employment in the retail sector.

I feel sick.

Anonymous said...

Our local shops are not fit for purpose. Much of the high street is falling apart with run down shops and pounds shops.

Now with the new Westfield shopping Centre offers little to local people. Will Newham residents be shoping at Armani, Prada, Boss... It was not built for local people.

I don't mind a few shops at Westfield, but the majority were not built for local people and Westfield does not have much character.

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