Friday 13 May 2011

Fire In Babylon

This is the trailer for the brilliant Fire in Babylon, which I saw last night at Stratford Picturehouse. It is the story of the West Indies cricket team's rise from nowhere in the 1970s, which was as much a blow against racism, colonialism and inequality as it was about sport. Check it out when it goes on general release:

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bob smith said...

I look forward to seeing this film.

the decline of Windies cricket is however a testament to the commercial interests in sport and the way in which many talented West Indian athletes can earn more by playing sport in the USA. There is also an argument I have heard from West Indian friends that Clive Lloyd was biased against West Indian asian cricketers.

I hope the film addresses all the issues. At any rate, I will find out where it is being shown this weekend and see it. Thanks for the tip.

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