Monday 17 January 2011

Everywhere Is The Frontline!

A great meeting this Sunday - linking climate justice and anti-cuts activism is a very positive move and one that should send any remaining narks within the collapsing police spy network (see Climate Camp statement here) completely over the edge!

Cuts! Climate! Action!
A teach in on climate change and the cuts

Sunday 23 January
1pm-6pm at the School of Oriental and African Studies
Thornhaugh St
London WC1H 0XG

Room B102 in Brunei Gallery Building
Full wheelchair access |Map

Please note this is a change from the previously announced room G51

As governments impose slash and burn austerity budgets, resistance to the cuts is fertile. But what about the connections between the cuts and climate justice? Climate may have dropped down the public agenda but the issues are still alive - and very much related.

Fuel poverty, food price rises, forest and land grabs, an unshaken government focus on fossil fuels and nukes, economic shock therapy for some and subsidies and bonuses for others, are attacking our standard of living and destroying the climate at one and the same time.

Our labour, our past and our futures are being sold to bail out capitalism and wreck the climate that we all depend on.

That's the bad news. The good news is that for many climate justice activists, climate is no longer the frontline of resistance in the UK - Everywhere is the frontline! Like movements in the global South where resistance to IMF austerity and ecological devastation have long gone hand in hand, we have to learn to combine and integrate our priorities and our forces.

This teach-in, including short presentations by experienced researchers and activists, will cover:

  • Bread and butter issues: food, fuel, transport, work and welfare
  • Stopping the cuts: who's doing what?
  • Where is the money going? From bailouts to subsidies to tax evasion, what has the money been spent on and what could it pay for instead?
  • What do we want? The growth, austerity and climate justice debate
  • Turning information into action

Organised by Climate Camp London

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