Monday 24 January 2011

Eighteen Hundred Strong Petition Opposes Wanstead Flats Plan

As part of the public consultation on the Metropolitan police's planning application for its Olympic policing centre on Wanstead Flats, the Save Wanstead Flats campaign has submitted a petition to Redbridge council opposing the plans - one that has been signed by 1824 local people from the communities around the proposed site.

It is still possible to submit comments in more detail against the planning application via Redbridge council's website - see here for further details.


Anonymous said...

IF This is a democratic country (IF) then Eighteen hundred people have said what they want, so it should be heard.

If this is not heard then it will show no democracy in the UK.

Anonymous said...

This Police base is not an enduring installation., --unlike unfortunately the tendency of the liberal , trendy middle classes living around Wanstead Flats to always take the "not our backyard, - oh yeah but put it in someone poorer's backyard".

Anonymous said...

Right on Anon.26th January 21.06 !

Middle Class NIMBY's, aided and abetted by that great friend of the workers, --Kevin Blowe !

Anonymous said...

In case you haven't picked this up:

A 14-day period opens today (Tuesday 22 March) for people specially and directly affected by the proposal to use part of Wanstead Flats as a police base during the 2012 Olympic Games to submit their views for consideration by a House of Lords select committee.

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