Tuesday 21 September 2010

Short Film From Wanstead Flats Mass Community Picnic

A crew from independent film makers Spectacle joined local residents at the Mass Community Picnic on Wanstead Flats and have made a brilliant short 'teaser' film of the interviews they gathered on the day. Spectacle has been documenting the effects of the London Olympics on east London since before the bid was successful - links to their Olympics project can be found here.


Many thanks to Stuart Monro of the Wanstead Parklands Community Project for dropping off a DVD of his longer (19m 15s) film about the picnic. It sets the recent resistance to treating Wanstead Flats as the plaything of the powerful into its proper historical context and fortunately, it is also available online:

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Jim said...

This is a great little film, and well done to all those wonderful people for standing up, and against to what amounts to theft, it really is that simple. I know this because I was with others forced to move from Clays Lane a theft committed earlier. keep up the fight and others will join in solidarity of that I am confident!"

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