Saturday 25 September 2010

Kentish Skulls And Bones

I'm down in Kent for the weekend and this morning was at St Leonard's in Hythe, which is unusual for an English church because it has an ossuary (a a bone store, above) lined with 2000 skulls and 8000 thigh bones dating from the medieval period. My Mum and Dad have seen an ossuary before in Évora in Portugal, but I never knew such a macabre display existed in Britain.

This came at the start of a long day, which included lunch in Dungeness, a chance to enjoy its bleak landscape from the top of the Old Lighthouse and see Derek Jarman's cottage (below). Heading back to London tomorrow - more photos on Flickr.

This is a somewhat different view of the Dungeness B nuclear power station, through the green lens of the Old Lighthouse:

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Ooo... I like the one through the green lens of the Old lighthouse.
But that ossuary is macabre and creepy, it looked like something from the killing fields of Cambodia....

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