Sunday 22 August 2010

White Lines On Wanstead Flats

On Saturday, a series of freshly painted white lines, some of which seem to delineate large oblong shapes, appeared on the grass on Wanstead Flats on the exact spot where the Metropolitan police plan to site its Olympics operational centre.

Now it's important not to jump to conclusions, but it does rather look like the Met are carrying out preliminary survey work in preparation for submitting its planning proposals - before their 'consultation' is even close to finishing on 25 September.

If there is a more innocent explanation, perhaps someone could enlighten me. But if the police really are rushing ahead, why go through the pretence that local people's opinion actually matters?

Thanks to Dave of the East End Howler for the photos


There IS an entirely innocent explanation - the Showmen's Guild is marking out the pitches for the forthcoming Wanstead Flats Fair. I've never seen this before, so thanks to Paul Thomson (the Superintendent of Epping Forest, no less) for e-mailing to provide some reassurance.

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Ricky said...

What do the white lines stand for? I have never seen this in the flats.

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