Tuesday 20 July 2010

Daily Mail - Taser Fail

This is a terrible story - an innocent man in Bridgwater in Somerset was pulled over by the police and then accidentally shot in the groin with a Taser gun.

The Daily Mail has a fairly sympathetic article on its website today, but the first version of the report, at 11.52am, contains the following sub-editor's plea for less euphemistic language (see the circled portion in the picture above):

But the weapon discharged 'accidentally' and Peter dropped to the ground in agony after one electric probe missed his meat and two by three inches - this needs to be rephrased.

Indeed it did - and by 1.34pm, the genitals of Mr Peter Cox (such an unfortunate name, in the circumstances) were thankfully restored. He categorically denies acting aggressively towards the officers, as Avon and Somerset police have claimed in a statement to the press.

The fate of the unnamed Mail reporter remains unknown.

Hat-tip: Jo Wood (there seems to be double entendre names everywhere today!)

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