Tuesday 13 July 2010

Daily Express Translation Service - "Beware The Blacks"

The warning, appropriately on the right, from today's Daily Express is its sensationalist interpretation of an allegedly "explosive report" on research by the University of Leeds. This predicts an increase in the proportion of black, Asian and other ethnic minorities to 20% of the population by 2051. The story has also offered another chance for the Daily Mail to provide a platform for Sir Andrew Green and his right-wing pressure group Migration Watch, who repeats their call - yet again - for cuts in migrant numbers.

However, the BBC points out that one of the report's authors, Professor Philip Rees, has made it clear that predicting population movement is "not an exact science" because it is "impossible to predict exactly how people will move into, out of and within the country... as all of these trends are influenced by a whole range of socio-economic factors." One would imagine that the forthcoming scorched earth policies of the ConDem government might well be one such factor.

Equally, the study's computer modelling suggests that whilst white British and Irish populations are expected to grow slowly, the "other white" ethnic group may expand extremely quickly - as a result of predicted high levels of immigration from Europe, Australasia and the US. But for some reason, the Express is rather less concerned about the 300 000 Russians, 200 000 Yanks, 120 000 Poles, 39 000 Germans, 41 000 Aussies, 27 000 Kiwis or 38 000 French - and these are mainly the figures for London alone. About the only good thing you can say is at least the paper doesn't loathe the Irish any more, although on its past form I'm not so sure the same applies to the eastern Europeans.

But then 'ethnics' isn't even coded language in the way that, say, 'Muslims' is often used to mean Asians. The meaning is absolutely clear - people who aren't white and who Express readers should therefore be afraid of. That's not even subtle - it's nothing but the most base-level racist shitmongering.

There's another obvious conclusion from the report that is worth mentioning- 4 out of 5 people in this country will still be white in 2051. Such a lack of vibrant diversity seems woefully inadequate and is the main reason why I definitely prefer London to the paleness of the provinces.

The final word goes to Charlie Brooker on Twitter:

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