Sunday 6 June 2010

Yours Truly, Hyde Park Mob

On another note, a Facebook-organised example of that great London tradition, the anti-authoritarianism of the crowd, on Friday involved the latest mass water fight in Hyde Park and led to the Met police to draw batons on a bunch of boisterous teenagers.

The BBC reported the temporary closure of Oxford Street and the use of Section 60 stop & search powers (the ones usually aimed at football fans). I'm not sure whether water guns really count as "dangerous instruments or offensive weapons", but anyway, check out this video and the crap attempt at resisting arrest at 3 minutes 20 seconds:


Anonymous said...

Talking of parks, can you explain to me why police HELICOPTORS keep hovering over parks especially on WEEKENDS. It does not matter where you go e.g. Greenwich Park, Victoria Park, Thames Barrier Park they seem to be flying over open spaces. What do they think will happen in parks?

Kevin said...

Picnic. Seditious picnics...

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