Monday 7 June 2010

Weekend Takings For Canning Town's "Finest" Just £205

Canning Town's finest export Danny Dyer (how grateful many must feel that he's decamped to Loughton) can't have been happy with the news about the opening weekend flop of his new film Pimp.

Clearly the roasting the film received from Dyer's arch-nemesis, the respected film critic Mark Kermode, didn't help matters as only 24 people bothered to watch it and box office returns amounted to just £205.

As many will know, in early May Dyer's 'advice' column in Zoo suggested that a heartbroken boyfriend should "cut his ex's face, so no one will want her". After a storm of protest, the magazine apologised and blamed a "regrettable production error".

Kermode described Pimp as "casually misogynist" and "worthless trash from beginning to end" - here's the hilarious review in full:

To add to Dyer's humiliation, an online fundraising page was set up today on Justgiving by Liam Barrington-Bush, which is raising money for Solace Women's Aid. It is attempting to see whether more people were prepared to "support the women who have experienced the kinds of violence that Dyer thinks it's funny to joke about, than are willing to see his films". Already it has overtaken the film's weekend takings and raised £220 (and rising).

As Kermode mentions in his review, Danny Dyer has threatened to "beat him up" because of critic's mocking impersonation of the talentless loud-mouth. What Dyer actually said was, "if I come across yer, I'll put something right across yer fucking canister" - an expression that neither Kermode or co-presenter Simon Mayo has apparently heard before. For the benefit of others living in the Southampton area, your "canister" is your head, as any fool knows. In Dyer's case, it's almost certainly an empty canister.


Hello to Jason Issacs...

Podcasts of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's film reviews are available here. Kermode's blog can be found here.

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Liam Barrington-Bush said...

Thanks for sharing the story of the fundraising page we set-up in response to the bombing of 'Pimp' and Danny Dyer's awful Zoo commentary!

We have now more than tripled the box office take for 'Pimp', at £705 raised and counting!

I've also written-up a blog on how it came about:

Much appreciated!


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