Tuesday 1 June 2010

Caoimhe Butterly - "If You Are Watching This..."

The Irish ISM activist Caoimhe Butterly, who I know through her involvement in the Justice4Jean campaign, was one of those taking part in the Freedom Flotilla, although I'm not sure what ship she was on.

Before boarding, she recording the following message: "If you are watching this, this probably means that the flotilla has been either been attacked or stopped at sea..."

Madam Miaow has extended footage showing civilians had been shot and reports of two deaths before the Israeli commandos even land aboard the Mavi Marmara. So much for IDF claims that they are the victims of unprovoked violence by passengers of the ship.


earwicga said...

Have you seen any update on Caoimhe Butterly yet? I've searched on google but coming up with nothing on her whereabouts now, but looking through her work I can only say what an amazing woman!

earwicga said...

The Irish Independent reports that she was on the RV Rachel Corrie.

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