Wednesday 5 May 2010

Spoiling Ballot Papers Creatively

Whilst I have aired my opinions on voting reasonably clear - basically arguing that there are more important expressions of democratic involvement than placing trust in a professional politician, ones that involve people doing things for themselves - I'm not entirely sure about the value of spoiling ballot papers.

The Space Hijackers are, however, arguing that turning up at a polling station and expressing contempt for the choices on offer is important:

Don't just sit there whining! This is about active rejection, not passive reflection. Get yourself to the voting booth and get spoiling. In a bogus system, it's the only authentic choice. Spoiling your ballot is not illegal, spoiling you ballot is your only chance to have your real say in this election.

In that spirit, I've come across some 'None of the Above' stickers to take along tomorrow to whatever primary school near you is closed for the day for polling. They need to be printed off on Avery L7162 labels (that's 16 labels per sheet).

Now clearly you probably only get the one vote (two if there are local elections and three if, like me, you have a directly-elected mayor). So why not take a drawing pin along and stick the rest up in the polling booth? That way, if one of your neighbours is equally unhappy with their local candidates, they have no need to scrawl obscenities over their ballot paper.

You can download the 'None of the Above stickers here (PDF)

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