Sunday 9 May 2010

Nick Clegg Offered For Sale On eBay

How very appropriate - Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has been offered for sale on eBay:

You are bidding for the affections of this man, a Spanish speaking manufacturer and creator of kings. Yes, if you need a king swiftly fabricated, then this is your man! May be interested in part exchange for electoral reform and break-up of financial institutions, WHY - cash either way.

No "buy-it-now" price but make him an offer and he'll do you a deal!

May be of use to those with an interest in running the country.

Cash on collection.

Those with less than 220 seats, contact me first before bidding. Advertised due to nation of timewasters. Please do not bid if you cannot make up your mind.

Anyone seeking to cobble together a coalition government - or a desire to make the orange Tory Boy their gimp - has until 14 May to make a bid.


NICK CLEGG HAS SOLD OUT! - or, rather, eBay has removed the listing.


camera obscura said...

Unfortunately ebay has no sense of humour and has removed Nick Clegg from sale. Or maybe it is an omen.

Anonymous said...

The Q&A can be found at the following link. Enjoy.!/pages/The-legend-whos-selling-Nick-Clegg-on-eBay/120241681338792

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