Sunday 30 May 2010

Mark Kermode Invokes Class War In Sex and the City 2 Review

There have been a couple of vitriolic reviews of the appalling gender politics in the latest, apparently awful outing of the Sex and the City franchise - check out Laurie Penny and the astonishing review by Lindy West. I think I may be giving this film a miss.

But I also really enjoyed Mark Kermode's magnificent rant on Radio Five Live, in which he invokes class war politics in describing the film as "consumerist pornography" and the characters as "imperialist American pig dogs" - and sings the opening line of The Internationale.

Here's the review - the podcast in MP3 can be downloaded here.

1 Comment:

Unknown said...

Cant stand the bloke. He is so up his own arse and i genuinely think he believe's he is only worthy of reviewing oscar winning/nominated films and cannot contextualise if his life depended on it. And for the record, i hate sex and the city...

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