Thursday 27 May 2010

FOR SALE: One Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier (As Seen On CCTV)

The Space Hijackers have announced that they are selling their Alvis Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier, which contributed both to April 2009’s G20 protests and a substantial proportion of the prosecutions that followed. Charges of impersonating police officers were eventually dropped in January and now the Space Hijackers are parting company with their vehicle, nicknamed "FREDom", for £7000 (or nearest offer) so they can "focus on other projects".

Following the arrests in 2009, bungling Metropolitan police officers managed to crash the Saracen into one of their own riot vans as they were confiscating it, so it apparently needs some minor repairs, but otherwise it is in good condition. Viewings are available and unsurprisingly, the Space Hijackers insist that the buyer collects. Perhaps one of the police vehicle geeks who posted comments on this blog earlier this year might be interested?


Saracen FV603 6 wheeled armoured personnel carrier
Seats 11 (8 passengers, one driver, one commander, one gunner)
Size - 2.5m x 5m x 2.5m
Colour - Navy Blue with black and white checked stripes
Built - 1957
MOT / Road Tax - Exempt
Annual Insurance - approx. £130
Driving Licence Category - D1 (large minibus)
Petrol Consumption - don't even ask

Asking price - £7000 ono


HarpyMarx said...

Gosh.... if only I had the money........!!

andy said...

Interested in your Saracen please contact, with details thanks ,( like the paint job)

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