Saturday 17 April 2010

The Sound of Silence

My Mum and Dad are stuck (albeit very comfortably and with no great hurry to return) in Madeira, waiting to hear when they can get a flight home. Loads of other people are experiencing problems due to the shutdown of UK airspace. But this is dedicated to Londoners who live near Heathrow, London City and Gatwick airports. We should enjoy it while we can.


HarpyMarx said...

Yes, indeed, no sound of airplanes. How long will it last?!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is wonderful with no aircraft noise! It has gone back to how it was living here without the jet noise from London City Airport!

Other residents are delighted too. Though of course, sympathy with those stranded.

As for Madeira, being an island, it is a destinations for cruise ships.

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