Tuesday 2 February 2010

No Shock Doctrine for Haiti

11 February

from 7.30pm-9.30pm

Brockway Room,
Conway Hall,
25 Red Lion Square,
London WC1R 4RL

Nearest tube: Holborn | Map


Haiti was the first independent nation in Latin America, freed as a result of an inspiring slave revolt. Yet it has been subject to domination ever since, from US occupations, to the crippling 135-year debt imposed by former colonial master France, to Western-backed dictatorships and IMF-imposed free market economic 'reforms'.

Now, as US troops patrol the country, free market economists are seeing new opportunities to privatise and 'restructure' Haiti's economy, while its external debts have still not been cancelled by rich donors. The 'shock doctrine' looks to be striking again. Join the discussion about what solidarity we can offer to those in Haiti seeking an alternative future.

London Activist Forum | organised by the Radical Activist Network

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