Tuesday 1 December 2009

Black Bloc on Copenhagen Climate Summit

This video sets out what the anarchist black bloc plans for the UN climate summit in Copenhagen:

I must be getting old, but this seems a lot like anarcho dick-swinging, an attempt to recreate the Genoa G8 summit of 2001 as if nothing new had happened in eight years. And rather like the rhetoric that preceded this year's G20 protests in April, I sympathise with much of the sentiment but simply don't believe that the more vivid predictions will ever happen:
It is time to state: we are going to consciously attack the structures supporting the COP15: we will break through the lines of their police; we will refuse to negotiate with warmongering governments and the embedded media; we will refuse to side with sell-out NGOs and all the would-be managers of protest; we will refuse all governments and governance and not just de-legitimize the present ones. It is time to state why we think that insurrection is needed to actually begin the change everybody is so desperate for.
Really? No, not really. But it's a great story. I am reminded of the following, written by the anarchist Errico Malatesta :
There have been anarchists, and there still are some, who while recognising the need to organise today for propaganda and action, are hostile to all organisations which do not have anarchism as their goal or which do not follow anarchist methods of struggle. To those comrades it seemed that all organised forces for an objective less than radically revolutionary, were forces that the revolution was being deprived of. It seems to us instead, and experience has surely already confirmed our view, that their approach would condemn the anarchist movement to a state of perpetual sterility.

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