Saturday 21 November 2009

Support Fitwatch - Buy 'Excessive Force'

Police everywhere, justice nowhere

Featuring 19 exciting new and up-and-coming graphic artists, this is a comics anthology against the police.

Whether drawing on personal experiences or imagined stories about modern policing, one theme runs through: a shared view of brutal, oppressive policing. Policing that does more harm than good, and a system which hinders, rather than encourages freedom of expression. Or more simply put: acts like an Excessive Force.

Profits from Excessive Force will go towards FITwatch and the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group, both of whom work towards ending police repression.

Featuring work by: Stephanie McMillan, Ken Dahl, Scott Smith, Edd Baldry, Jimi Gherkin, and many others, they all artfully present their take on the police, with a fine mixture of humour, tragedy, anger and optimism.

There's a preview here (PDF) and you can purchase a copy for £7 + p&p from Last Hours

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