Tuesday 10 November 2009

Big Bird Hunting Season

The popular TV programme 'Sesame Street' may be celebrating its 40th birthday, but is it really nothing more than a sinister Left-Wing plot to indoctinate America's children?

This looks like one of John 'The Tool' Rentoul's "questions for which the answer is no", but conservative wing nuts at the right-wing blog Big Hollywood disagree. Having dug up a two year old clip that appears to parody a well known conservative 'news' channel, they are claiming that Oscar the Grouch is "one more soldier to the Left’s war on Fox News."

Why? Because dear old Oscar, reporting for Grouch News Network (GNN), is told by a viewer: "from now on, I'm watching Pox News. Now there's a trashy news show!"

You see what they did there? Pox News? Fox News! At least one comment on the Big Hollywood site has the sense to say:

If we conservatives are to be successful in the media, we can't keep grabbing our skirts and shrieking every time we are parodied, especially when parodied on a equal level with left leaning counterparts. Man up.
But most other moonbats on the site seem unwilling to man up - they really do believe this is more evidence of communism taking control of the US. Could this be the most paranoid, unreasoning generation of Americans since the 1940s?

Here's the offending video:

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