Tuesday 20 October 2009

WikiLeaks Release New List of BNP Members

WikiLeaks has released a new BNP membership list from April 2009. which contains nine spreadsheets of detailed, confidential party membership information from December 2006 to 15 April 2009.

The accuracy of the lists have been verified by WikiLeaks in the examples that it has checked, but the site warns that "it should not be assumed that every person with a BNP membership number is a current member of the BNP. For instance, journalists and opponents have sometimes joined the BNP to obtain information about it".

There are slightly over 16,000 unique membership numbers in the "April 15 Updated" spreadsheet. Based on membership number IDs, around 35,000 memberships have ever been awarded. New membership numbers start at 100,000 in an apparent attempt to make the BNP look larger to new recruits and those they talk to.

The full Excel spreadsheet is available here as is a browsable document.

Update: Protest Watch has a version in pre-Office 2007 Excel (xls) format for those struggling to open the xlsb version.

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