Tuesday 13 October 2009

Iraq Inquiry Hears From Bereaved Families

The panel holding the official inquiry into the Iraq war began a series of meetings today with families of some of those who lost relatives in the conflict.

These pre-inquiry meetings will be held in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol and Belfast. Fifty families have agreed to take part in preparatory discussions to identify what the Inquiry's priorities should be and to allow the panel hear about any particular concerns they may have.

The Scotsman reports testimony to the Inquiry panel today from retired Lieutenant Colonel Colin Mildinhall, whose son Tom was killed in Iraq and who said:

I would particularly like the Iraq Inquiry to look at the whole representation of intelligence, how it was used or misused in the approach to this war.

I believe this country has been badly let down and been lied to. I would like to see some accountability.

The prime concern I have is over the legality of the war to start with.

Somehow, I get the feeling that finding myself in total agreement with a former senior army officer suggests a difficult time ahead for the government and supporters of the Iraq war.

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