Saturday 24 October 2009

On The Road

So there we were again, this time under leaden skies. Strolling from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square along the same old route, conscious that unlike in February 2003, no-one was really listening and we were making very little impact.

Eighteen months ago I argued that "StWC's strategy since 2003 seems to amount to little more than 'keeping on marching', one that has seen increasingly diminishing returns." Nothing seems to have changed. The numbers were fair, perhaps 10 000, but mobilised to what end?

Having left my bike at Trafalgar Square and been unable to find a bus that wasn't packed, I eventually covered the route of the demonstration twice - there and back. I am therefore extremely grateful to Stan from Birmingham for the chance to update on gossip and to Harpymarx, for taking me for tea and cake at the members' lounge at Tate Modern and for putting up with me moaning about how really far away the Tate is from the sound of George Galloway thundering away at the government.

Off out again now - will add photos tomorrow.

Hat-tip for graphic: Antagonista

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HarpyMarx said...

Ha! Nice to meet you as well...

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