Monday 28 September 2009

Journey Down The Thames

It was such a lovely day yesterday that I took my camera and cycled along the Thames.

Riverside near St Katherine's Way

Repairing Tower Bridge

LEFT: Aldermans Stairs off Wapping High Street RIGHT: St Katherine's Dock

I finished up at the Tower of London, where I rashly paid the exhorbitant entry fee and went inside for the first time since I was five years old. It was all rather too commerical for my tastes, but I have ticked off another of London's attractions from my list.

Photos from the journey down are on Flickr here and from the Tower of London here.

1 Comment:

HarpyMarx said...

Good pix, but then I am biased and like the imagery from around London.

Esp. like Aldermans Stairs, there's something about it.

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