Monday 3 August 2009

Blaise Bellville - Make the Bollock Pay!

Many thanks to Lucy from the Radical Activist Network for the hat-tip on this

Never heard of the improbably-named Blaise Belville (pictured left, with 'Lady Candida Balfour', apparently)? No, why should you have? Well, he’s the subject of another piece of fluff masquerading as journalism by the Times stylishly shallow reporter Jessica Brinton, who produced a similarly simpering piece back in December 2008 about that other annoying toff attention-seeker, Tamsin Omond of the group Climate Rush.

Our Jessica is back in yet another café in Dalston, interviewing the “coolest entrepreneur in the coolest part of the coolest city in the world”, who turns out to be nothing but a trustafarian brat from Marlborough College (£9k a term for boarders) who is paid by advertising agencies to help sell lifestyle products to rich teenagers, presumably because ad execs think he’s hip and are stupid or desperate enough to indulge this fuckwit.

Exactly - who gives a shit? But amidst the examples of his entrepreneurial smartarsedness – alongside the confession to music piracy, that is - is this gem:

“Another [ruse], at 15 — selling whistles costing 3p on eBay for £2 a pop at the Stop the War march — earned him more than £1,000 in one day.”
I leave the following to Lucy, whose disgust I cannot better:
Given that volunteers were working all hours, up and down the UK, struggling to pay for anti-war leaflets, news ads, meeting rooms, coaches and mini buses to London and all the costs involved in being able to meet the organisers’ responsibilities to be “allowed” to march by the Met and by London authorities…

Given that these were huge, crippling costs and the Stop the War Coalition was relying on public donations to come in via bucket collections on the demos themselves...

Does anyone else agree with me that we should publicly request that this avaricious man donate that £1000 sum to Stop The War Coalition IMMEDIATELY?
I couldn’t agree more. Blaise Bellville, we don’t care whether Jessica Brinton thinks you’re the “Robespierre of the internet”, you’re nothing but a corporate shill, an unprincipled, materialistic empty-shell prepared to feed off other people’s anger and indignation against an illegal war.

And you owe the Stop the War Coalition a grand. Pay up now, for the good of your soul.


Tony Valentine said...

Kevin you are pretty funny, perhaps you could contribute to Platform? Best, Blaise.xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Blaise, he was a bit of a shrewd fuck, but unlike all the rest of us, was definately not from a family with money, so not sure about the trustafarian category.

Kevin said...

You simply can't afford me. Not everything, or everyone, is for sale.

Now then, back to the subject in hand. I don't really care how you raise the cash, young Bellville. You are clearly a compulsive self-publicist, so if it means hosting one of your 'fabulous' parties in aid of Stop the War, so you can arrange for Bubbles Brinton, or her equivalent on one of the other broadsheets, to breathlessly write what a great guy you are, then so be it.

Or perhaps an invoice would be better. I'm more than happy to arrange this for you.

No idea how you usually hide unexpected expenses in your books, but you could always put it down as "investment in future safety and security" - that seems somewhat appropriate...

Anonymous said...

how can you go to a school like that and NOT be from a family with money? Someone not from a family with money would surely go to a non-fee paying school... duuh

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