Saturday 12 January 2008

Forget 2007 - a bad year for film fans

Back in 2003, I took up the challenge of seeing one film every week and posting a review online. Since then, I've stopped seeing a trip to the cinema as a special event, something to planned in advance, and have seen a load of films that I might otherwise have missed.

But in 2007, I only went to the flicks 19 times. For some people, that might seem like a lot, but the previous year I saw 38 films, and 42 in 2005 and 60 in 2004. Partly this was because of circumstances, mainly the aftermath of Gilly's passing and a higher than usual number of foreign trips, but mainly because 2007 was such a dire year for film goers. A really bad year. I struggled to find films I wanted to hand over good money for, and still ended up seeing a couple of real duds.

In keeping with previous years, I've rated the films I've seen. If you want to see the ratings for 2004 to 2006 and the reviews from 2003, visit

5 stars: Unmissable!
4 stars: Definitely worth seeing
3 stars: Decent film
2 stars: Disappointing
1 star: Pants
No stars: Why was this released?

In date order - five star films highlighted in bold

Apocalypto (***)
Blood Diamond (***)
The Last King of Scotland (****)
Hot Fuzz (****)
The Illusionist (****)
Iraq in Pieces (***)
300 (*)
Sunshine (***)
The Lives of Others (*****)
Zodiac (***)
Spiderman 3 (*)
The Simpsons Movie (**)
The Bourne Ultimatum (****)
Hallam Foe (***)
The Brave One (***)
The Kingdom (***)
Eastern Promises (****)
Lions for Lambs (***)
Once (***)

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