Tuesday 27 June 2006

Heart of Fire

SENAIT MEHARI will be talking to BBC London's Amina Taylor about her book Heart of Fire at 7 pm at Stratford Library (Hopkins Room), 3 The Grove, London E15. on Monday 10 July

Senait Mehari was a child soldier in the Eritrean Liberation Front. She escaped to Germany and was living on the streets by the time she was 15. Today she's a pop singer in Germany and a best-selling author. Her book, Heart of Fire, is the powerful memoir of a lost childhood.

‘This is a powerful book of truth; it made my heart stop, race, skip and weep’
Benjamin Zephaniah

Heart of Fire sold over 150,000 copies in Germany and has been translated into eight languages. A film of Heart of Fire is in production (in German) and is due for release in 2007.

Tickets cost £3 and can be reserved by calling Newham Bookshop on 020 8552 9993 or emailing info@newhambooks.co.uk

Senait is visiting the UK with the support of English PEN’s Writers in Translation

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